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We deliver services to comply with psd2 requirements

Time is ticking for banks and payment service providers to comply with PSD2...

Our vision is to be the PSD2 Reference Hub within the EU-Economy


LUXHUB and EBRC: diving into the world of open-banking

In a banking world opening itself to new players, from the advent of FinTech to the creation of marketplaces, LUXHUB has emerged in Luxembourg. Created by 4 major banks, the startup aims at providing an innovative answer to the upcoming PSD2 European Directive and therefore at offering new solutions and services to the many actors of the financial sector. We met with its CEO, Jacques Pütz, but also with Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC, to discuss the future of open-banking in Europe.


The first Open Banking Party organised by LUXHUB gathered the whole banking and Fintech community in Luxembourg! Check out the photos and the video of a wonderful night.


DNB LUXEMBOURG selects LUXHUB as their Open Banking service provider

LUXHUB is happy to onboard DNB Luxembourg, a specialised Private Bank among its fast-growing ecosystem. Together with DNB Luxembourg, we shape the future of the new API Economy along with outstanding services.


Fortuna Banque selects LUXHUB as their Open Banking enabler

This choice will boost Fortuna Banque to take advantage of the opportunities of the Open Banking Economy


Temenos and LUXHUB collaborate on PSD2 solution for banks

LUXHUB is happy to announce a collaboration with TEMENOS to help banks to take advantage of the opportunities of PSD2 in Europe.


LUXHUB will manage a copy of PRETA's Open Banking Europe PSD2 Directory

LUXHUB, a European Open Banking API Platform hosted in Luxembourg, has the pleasure to announce a key initiative to broaden its catalogue of services in the context of the new European API Economy.


PSD2 Presentation at ABBL

LUXHUB’s CEO Jacques Putz will present the company's PSD2 Solution at the Luxembourg bankers association ABBL's PSD in Luxembourg: On the Way to Open Banking event on June 27th, 2018.


Press Release

LUXHUB, a joint initiative of BCEE, BGL BNP Paribas, BANQUE RAIFFEISEN and POST Luxembourg, aims to help the entire digital ecosystem to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities of the European PSD2 directive.

Our services include the necessary hardware, infrastructure, operational management and hosting to ensure your PSD2-RTS compliance

Keep focusing on your business while we connect you to the API Economy

ASPSP Connection

Enabling banks to connect to the XS2A API.

Connection through a point-to-point VPN/SSL.

Third-Party Providers Registration

Enabling banks to onboard third-party providers by controlling their certificates and checking their regulated statuses.

Controls of eIDAS certificates, proof of regulations, central register, etc.

Reporting to ASPSP

Providing reports about TPPs API usage.

Usage quota, premium API report, APIs consumption dashboard, etc.

Third-Party Providers Support

Providing functional and technical support to third-party providers.

Web services, sandbox, helpdesk.

Consent Management

Enabling management of the customers’ consent in accordance with PSD2 and GDPR requirements.

Request, provision and revocation of customers’ consents.

PSD2-compliant API

Providing a PSD2-compliant API to manage payment accounts information and payment initiation flows for AISPs, PISPs and PIISPs.

XS2A API (STET, Berlin Group).

We provide a centralized api platform for you to seize psd2 opportunities

LuxHub a mutualized European solution

The cornerstone to being PSD2 compatible is the stability, security and speed of solutions.

We connect your bank through our open, central and harmonised platform thereby ensuring a safe, unique and efficient connection between you and all other providers

Main advantages for you

Sharing of compliance costs

Our expertise in connectivity and standard interfaces (STET & BERLIN GROUP)

Hosting and operational management of the entire platform’s hardware & infrastructure

Access to potential partners

Your single point of contact with TPPs


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